What are the Cwm Taf Well-being Objectives?

The Cwm Taf Public Services Board will set itself some Well-being Objectives. The Well-being Objectives will be designed to improve well-being in Cwm Taf for the people who live and work here now and in the future.

What makes the Public Service Board’s Well-being Objectives different from the objectives that public services have set in the past is that they are about improving the things that public services do together and with communities and how they consider the longer term.

Last year, the Public Services Board carried out the Cwm Taf Well-being Assessment. This gave the Board a good understanding of the areas of work it should make its priorities, based on what is important to the people who work and live in Cwm Taf and what they think will be important to future generations. The Assessment also looked at what our communities already have (called our ‘assets’) and some of the difficulties we have locally (called our ‘challenges’).

What have we got as a starting point?

The Public Services Board has used the Well-being Assessment to write some draft Well-being Objectives. These outline what public services might do in the next five years to improve well-being in Cwm Taf.  They also look further into the future to what Cwm Taf might be like for our future generations, our future generations of children, young people, adults and older people.

The Board will work with all its partners, including staff and the public, over the coming months to think about them in more detail.

To promote safe, strong, and thriving communities improving the well-being of residents and visitors and building on our community assets.      


Things we could do:

  • Set up Community Zones:
    •  A hub for all public services in one place in local areas
    • Joint action, with our communities, to prevent harm to children, called Adverse Childhood Experiences and as they grow to become adults
  • Coordination and support for volunteering in our communities, where needed
  • Work with our communities to make better connections and signposting to local services
  • Work together and support our communities to make our environments better

To help people live long and healthy lives and overcome any challenges.

Things we could do:

  • Tackle obesity and improve physical activity levels using the outdoor environment
  • Target action to our most vulnerable people:
    • Community zones
    • Pregnant women, babies and young children
    • Older people
  • Help our staff and service users take up “One more healthy behaviour”

To grow a resilient local economy with infrastructure that attracts people to live, work and play in Cwm Taf.        

Things we could do:

  • With the money from the City Deal & Metro, to make sure we get new local jobs and easier transport to jobs further afield
  • Support the use of the Welsh language and bilingualism
  • Targeted early education and employability support
  • Grow tourism in our valleys, making best use of our beautiful environment, history and culture
  • Build the aspirations of our people and develop the skills we need for local jobs
  • Develop a Cwm Taf apprenticeship, graduate and opportunity scheme to “grow our own” people  into the jobs we need e.g. nurses, social workers, carpenters, police officers and doctors
  • Develop a Valleys Marketing Plan to really sell the Valleys as a place to live, work and play

How can you get involved in helping to shape the Cwm Taf Well-being Objectives?

The draft Well-being Objectives have been written as a starting point only and the Public Services Board wants your thoughts and ideas, as the people who work and live in Cwm Taf, to help shape the Well-being Objectives and think about how we can work together to achieve them.  If you imagined Cwm Taf in thirty years time, what would you like to see?

There are different ways to get involved in helping to shape the Cwm Taf Well-being Objectives and everyone should think about the way that suits them best. The important thing is that you have your say, not the way you have it.

You can… Join our Public Engagement Network. Get together with the people you work with, your communities, groups or networks and talk about the draft Well-being Objectives. We want to know what part you think you have to play in achieving these objectives and how you would like to be involved. To find out more about joining the Public Engagement Network, please contact us.

You can… Follow all of our public services on social media to keep an eye out for which events the Public Services Board will be at over the coming months for you to come and have a chat.

You can… Contact us via our website to let us know what you think about the draft Well-being Objectives and how you might be able to help to achieve them.

What will we do with this information?

The information the Public Services Board receives from our communities and partners will be used to develop the final Cwm Taf Well-being Objectives, including the steps that the Board will take now and over the coming years to improve well-being. This is why the Public Services Board has been set up; to ensure that all partners, including staff and communities, are involved in the work of public services.

Better well-being for the people of Cwm Taf is something that can be achieved, but which will take time and working together. With that in mind, it is important to remember that the conversation about the Well-being Objectives will be ongoing; it won’t end once we have agreed what they are or how we can achieve them, but will carry on. The Public Services Board invites all partners to be involved in its work now and in the future.

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